"I think the average guy thinks they’re pro-woman, just because they think they’re a nice guy and someone has told them that they’re awesome. But the truth is far from it. Unless you are actively, consciously working against the gravitational pull of the culture, you will predictably, thematically, create these sort of fucked-up representations."

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OkCupid users say they’re more open to interracial dating — but the numbers don’t lie

OkCupid founder Christian Rudder recently posted some of these snapshots on the website’s blog, reviewing how race affects OkCupid users’ behavior. In short: As much as people would like to believe that they are open-minded, a potential partner’s racial background plays a huge part in OkCupid’s matches.

And it’s not just a problem on OkCupid Follow micdotcom

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"One of the most malevolent characteristics of racist thought is that it never produces new knowledge. It seems able to merely reformulate and refigure itself in multiple but static assertions. It has no referent in the material world; like the concept of black blood or white blood or blue blood, it is designed to construct artificial borders and maintain them against all reason and all evidence to the contrary. And while racist thought and language have an almost unmitigated force in political and social life, the realm of racial difference has been allowed an intellectual weight to which it has no claim. It is truly a realm that is no realm at all — an all-consuming vacancy that is both common and strange."

- Toni Morrison  (via knowledgeequalsblackpower)

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Books for the Horde: A Reading Group

This September we’re going to revive the old book group. But instead of looking at the Civil War and Reconstruction, we’re going to look at mass incarceration. There’s no better book to start with on that project than Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.